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Image of Fleshlight Girls - Riley Reid UTOPIA

Fleshlight Girls - Riley Reid UTOPIA

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CINDERFleshlight Girls - Riley Reid UTOPIANZ$129.95Free shipping!
Nauti NZFleshlight Girls Riley Reid UtopiaNZ$132.56
getsextoysFleshlight Girls Riley Reid UtopiaNZ$189.95Free shipping!
FleshToysFleshlight Girls Riley Reid UtopiaNZ$189.95Free shipping!
Fleshlight Girls - Riley Reid UTOPIA
Free shipping!
Nauti NZ
Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia
Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia
Free shipping!
Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia
Free shipping!

Product Information

Riley's curvy figure is ideal for the kind of incredible fantasy satisfaction you can only get from a Fleshlight, especially one fashioned into an exact duplicate of your favourite porn star.

Riley Reid's version of this best-selling masturbator was meticulously designed to look and feel exactly like the stunning actress; and with astonishingly lifelike detailing and an appealing interior texture, it's the closest you'll get to being within her.

As you enter the popular Utopia Lotus interior, you'll notice soft, delicate lips gently cling to you.

Riley Reid's Utopia is the perfect combination of ribbed pleasure and tight stimulation, featuring a groundbreaking new coiled design complete with unique "pleasure pockets." Every thrust deep inside her orifice gives you the most pleasure, assuring that you have the ultimate climax.

Masturbator of Utopia Fleshlight. The multi-chambered, excitingly textured 'Utopia' texture of the inner walls will not only satisfy you, but it will also teach you how to stay in bed longer, even during high stimulation. Because the Superskin material goes well beyond regular replicated skin, you'll have to touch the silky sleeve to believe how fantastic it feels. It's stretchy, soft, and warms up to the touch; alternatively, you can warm the sleeve in warm water before wearing it for more sensation. The design is ideal for self-indulgence and self-training; the body is designed to resemble a classic flashlight, which not only looks good but also provides a natural and comfortable grip. For him, this is a fantastic sex toy.

Simply loosen the cover at the bottom of the Fleshlight to vary the grip for an even more (or less) intense experience. You can even operate the Fleshlight hands-free by wedgeing the body between couch cushions or pillows. It's worth noting that all Fleshlight sleeves necessitate a substantial amount of lubrication for the finest possible experience as well as your safety and comfort. Always use a water-based lubrication with the Fleshlight; never use an oil-based lube because it will break down the material.

Cleaning Tips: Never use soap on your Fleshlight's insert; a simple rinse with warm water will suffice for most cleaning chores; for tougher jobs, use a little isopropyl alcohol or toy cleaner. Before putting the insert away, make sure it's thoroughly dry.

Storage Tips: To keep dust at bay, put this sex toy in its own container. Toys should not be stored in close proximity to one another. Before storing, make sure everything is totally dry.

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