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Fleshlight Girls - Alexis Texas OUTLAW

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Fleshlight Girls - Alexis Texas OUTLAW
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Fleshlight Girls Alexis Texas Outlaw
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Product Information

You've been waiting for the arrival of our Fleshlight Girl Signature sensations for a long time. Now we're able to fulfil those demands, and we're very thrilled to bring you the Alexis Texas Outlaw Signature Fleshlight.

SuperSkin is a proprietary material that mimics the feel of actual skin.

OUTLAW by Alexis Texas - The most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation available.

Alexis Texas's new Outlaw texture is accented by a relaxed entrance that gradually increases its embrace as you dive deeper and deeper. Break the rules of inhibitions and join Alexis Texas as an Outlaw.

Alexis Texas is a blonde Scandanavian beauty who has appeared in films such as Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman. The Lotus sleeve simulates vaginal intercourse as closely as possible. It starts with a smooth, ultra-tight entrance and gradually widens into a more comfortable canal. Case with a pearlescent finish. Orifice of the vaginal canal. To adjust suction during usage, remove or tighten the rear cap.

Simply loosen the cover at the bottom of the Fleshlight to vary the grip for an even more (or less) intense experience. You can even operate the Fleshlight hands-free by wedgeing the body between couch cushions or pillows. It's worth noting that all Fleshlight sleeves necessitate a substantial amount of lubrication for the finest possible experience as well as your safety and comfort. Always use a water-based lubrication with the Fleshlight; never use an oil-based lube because it will break down the material.

Cleaning Tips: Never use soap on your Fleshlight's insert; a simple rinse with warm water will suffice for most cleaning chores; for tougher jobs, use a little isopropyl alcohol or toy cleaner. Before putting the insert away, make sure it's thoroughly dry.

Storage Tips: To keep dust at bay, put this sex toy in its own container. Toys should not be stored in close proximity to one another. Before storing, make sure everything is totally dry.

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Buy right now from as low as NZ$124.95. This is the lowest price seen from the 2 retailers that we have identified selling the product. We analyse prices from both physical and online retailers from across New Zealand. "Fleshlight Girls - Alexis Texas OUTLAW" is categorised as male masturbators. There have been 0 reviews left for this product.